10 Things I Learned in London


1. Peeing on a moving train is not easy. I didn’t fall over… you fell over.

2. Waiters, to some extent, expect a Tip.

3. Bartenders think it’s weird when you tip them and frequently try to give you the money back.

4. Don’t let two days of glorious weather fool you. You will eventually need that raincoat and windbreaker, and when you do finally need it, it will be the day you are wearing your prettiest skirt and shirt…and you will be outside in a garden.
5. The First Floor is on the Second Floor. The First Floor is on the “Ground Floor.” The Second Floor in on the Third Floor. So if you have a hotel room on the Third Floor, you will be staying on the Fourth Floor…..and lots of older building do not have lifts, so have a nice walk up. 🙂
6. You will not “Watch Your Step” or “Watch the Gap” in London. You will “Mind The Gap” and that just sounds so much better.
7. All the Museums in London (and the entire UK) are Free. All of them. No wonder these people are so well cultured.



8. There is a TARDIS just hanging out in the middle of London. It is just in front of the Earl’s Court Tube Station in Kensington and when we stumbled upon it on accident I was wearing a Doctor Who Sweater!!!


9. Local Pubs are not open very late. If you are in a local pub at 10:00 pm, it is probably not serving food, and closing. Locals tend to go to the pubs early, meet up with large groups of people, and relax with a couple of pints and a wonderful meal. Then they leave, go home at a reasonable hour, so they can make it to work on time. The entire culture of drinking is very different in London.
10. This notion the portion sizes are smaller in London is a complete fallacy. My husband and I were sharing most meals because they give you so much food…and it isn’t even expensive. I mean, I am talking about £8 for ample food.

One thought on “10 Things I Learned in London

  1. #5 I totally forgot about that! We found the same when in Spain! I love the pic of the hanging dino in the gorgeous museum! 😮 WOW!!
    Thanks for sharing your experiences 😊

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