IVF Round Two: We Begin Again

Oh hey guys. It’s been a long time.

Aside from a post in January about how my diet changes helped ease some of my endometriosis symptoms, I have been pretty quiet about our infertility journey since our first round of IVF ended in failure.

Now that I posted an update on Instagram, I thought it was time to try to start blogging agai . I say try, because clearly, I’m pretty bad at this whole blogging thing. I just have time for a quick update tonight, so I’m going to share my update from Instagram.

Despite the fact that I have been pretty quiet about our fertility journey since our first round of IVF ended in failure, we have actually been up to a bit more than I have let on.

Wayyyyy back last April (so 2018) after my miscarriage in January, we had an appointment with our fertility doctor to discuss next steps. That was when we found out about an IVF linical trial that we were strong candidates for.

It took months and months, but we were eventually accepted into the trial, and in October, I had my egg retrevial. The 13 they collected were only a few more than the 11 from my first round, but the difference here was how many eggs would go on to be embryos.


And they were good embryos!
When you compare that to the 2 average ones we made on our first IVF round, the improvement was almost unheard of. Our embryologist was so impressed with the change, that she wanted to tell us herself about our number….which at the time was 7.

One more would join the group the next day.

Everyone wanted to know what we did differently, and what changes we thought contributed to my vastly improved egg quality. And while that is totally a post for another day, I thought it was past time that I start to open up about our fertility journey once again. Because I am not alone, and even though that miscarriage sent me into silence for a while, I think there is a lot about my journey that can help others. So stay tuned.

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